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Hummus Take Out Parallel


Chickpeas, sesame butter, parsley, olive oil & schug. Served with 2 pitas. Vegan.


Sabich Hummus

Chickpeas, hard boiled egg, sesame but-ter, parsley, eggplant, red onions & fermented lemon. Served with 2 pitas. Vegetarian.


Hummus Take Out Parallel
Hummus Take Out Parallel

Truffle Hummus

Soy button mushrooms, lemon, chickpeas, parsley, truffle oil, sesame butter & schug. Served with 2 pitas. Vegan.


Lamb & Beef Ragu on Hummus

3 hour slow braised ragu, chickpeas, sesame butter, parsley, schug & smoked paprika. Served with 2 pitas.


Hummus Take Out Parallel


Hummus Take Out Parallel

Herb falafel

Fresh herbs & chickpeas. Gluten-free & vegan.

4pc. $7
6pc. $10
9pc. $14


Hummus Take Out Parallel

Parallel Salad

Kale, sweet potatoes, scallions, black lentils, walnuts, mints, goat cheese, beet sesame butter, lemon & honey vin-aigrette. Gluten-free & vegetarian.


Tabouli Salad

Cauliflower couscous, beets, red onions, scallions, parsley, mints, cilantro, dried cranberries, sesame butter, pome-granate vinaigrette, pine nuts & house made labneh. Gluten-free & vegetarian.


Hummus Take Out Parallel

Hot Dishes

Hummus Take Out Parallel


Crispy lamb & beef filled pita quarters (3 pieces), sesame butter, roasted yam & spicy tomato salad.


Chicken Thigh Platter

Fermented lemon marinated chicken thigh, fresh tomato salsa, sesame butter, mat-bucha & pita.


Hummus Take Out Parallel


Marinated chicken breast $10
Fermented pickles $1
Slow cooked egg $1
Tofu $6
Extra schug (spicy) $1


Hummus Take Out Parallel


Olive oil & grated tomatoes. Served with pita. Vegan.



House made sheep & cow yogurt, olive oil, zaatar, confit garlic & grated to-matoes. Served with pita. Vegetarian.


Hummus Take Out Parallel
Hummus Take Out Parallel


Roasted eggplant, labneh, scallions, parsley, sesame butter, confit garlic, cumin & grated tomatoes. Served with pita. Vegetarian.



Fried cauliflower, fresh herbs, walnuts, olive oil, lemon, grated tomatoes & spicy green & beet sesame butter. Gluten-free & vegan.


Hummus Take Out Parallel
Hummus Take Out Parallel


One piece.



Choose from a variety of flavours. 220g round.


Hummus Take Out Parallel
Hummus Take Out Parallel

Sesame Butter

Choose from a variety of flavours.


COVID-19 Update: Here's how we’re keeping you safe »

We’ve installed several sanitation stations, so you can keep your hands clean throughout your stay.

We make sure that everyone visits a sanitation station before entering the restaurant.

We kindly ask our customers for their health (symptoms etc.) upon dining with us.

All of our staff are equipped with masks, and wash their hands frequently.

All of our surfaces and handles are cleaned several times throughout the day.

We’re temporarily using only disposable, compostable packaging and cutlery for both takeout, catering and dine-in.

We diligently wipe the transaction machines before and after every use.

We’ve placed our well-spaced tables on our outdoor patio to respect social distancing measures, so that everyone is seated comfortably and at ease.