Welcome to Parallel

Parallel is the alchemizing of quality raw materials to form something unexpected and remarkable.

Our Sesame Butter

Making sesame butter is a simple but surprising process. You start out by adding fresh lemon juice and water, and begin to mix. At first, it thickens the paste, making it coarse and harder to mix. Then, as you continue mixing, something changes; the sesame butter begins to loosen, and gradually takes on a soft, silky texture.

The Restaurant

Parallel is a place where we make and create, and our goal is to make use of Parallel’s creations in all the food at our restaurant. It all starts with the sesame butter we grind on-site. You’ll notice that it’s in almost every dish on the menu, used in ways you might not expect at first.

The Space

We worked hard to create a place that’s alive, new, and innovative. We invite you to come in and stay for as long as you like. Bring your friends for brunch, grab an espresso and halva on the go, or sit and read on the mezzanine. It’s our favourite place to take in the crowd, enjoy our organic rooftop garden, and if you’re lucky, watch the freight train pass by.

Endless Possibilities.

Made from steam roasted, ground sesame seeds. While sesame butter can be made with most types of sesame, Parallel begins with the world’s best sesame seeds from Humera, Ethiopia. Humera’s climate and soil is ideal for producing the sweetest, highest-quality sesame seeds.

Produced on-site, with our ancient stone mill. From there, the possibilities are endless. Enjoy the purest form of sesame butter on its own, or add to dressings, soups, salads, dips, bowls and much more. Seed what is possible.


Checks and Balances – Video Art Screening @ Parallel

March through April, 2019
The videos participating in this new cycle of video art programming at Parallel all revolve around the theme of balance vs. loss of control. The videos explore these ideas both concretely and metaphorically: at times equilibrium is expressed as a physical task while in others as a metaphor, life goal, or political reality. One piece concentrates on the possibility of finding— or losing —balance by striking a challenging physical position, while another uses the physical to make a statement regarding power struggles in the political realm.

Two works express the loss of control and tipping off balance through whimsical play or overflow of energy, suggesting that one’s search for stability and attempting to hold chaos at bay is an obstacle for creativity and joy, and the last piece deals with the idea of work-life balance through the story of a factory worker.

And/Or: Video Art Program @ Parallel

January through February 2019

PPaRRaLLeLL: Video Screening @ Parallel

January through February 2019

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© 2019 Parallel | Website by: Anchored Media