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Pure sesame butter

Pure, delicious, and made with only the most coveted sesame seeds from Humera, Ethiopia — our original tahini is renowned for its sweet and full flavours. Perfect on its own, added to sandwiches and salads, or used to make a creamy hummus.

Beet sesame butter

The smoothness of our original sesame butter gets an unexpected kick with fresh, earthy beets. Taste the richness on its own as the perfect dip, or use it as a vegan substitute for mayo on your favourite wraps.

Smoky sesame butter

With a deep and complex flavour, our smoky sesame butter is a taste unlike anything you’ve had before. Great on its own — even better when added to baked chicken or fish, giving meals that extra kick.

Halva: new twists on a classic

Made with our original sesame butter, this halva is the perfect combination of sweet, savory and flakey. Try the classic for its nutty taste, or explore our rotating specialty flavours like matcha, cookie or coffee.