It takes a team to make food this good

Meet George

George Grabsky (Executive Chef) is an Israeli Chef and Baker, who took an interest in old Eastern European recipes while growing up in Ukraine. After serving as an apprentice and Sous Chef for Erez Komarovsky — described as the originator of modern Israeli cooking — for over 10 years, George worked as a Chef around the world, honing his refined skills for unique tastes.

Meet Haley

With a devotion for food and everything that comes with it, Haley Shulist (Front of House Manager) comes to Parallel with a wealth of service industry experience. A food lover through and through, Haley keeps Parallel running smoothly and makes sure the tahini never stops flowing.

Meet Aneta

Aneta Dymerska (Product Developer) fell in love with product development early in her career, enjoying the combination of science and art to create something new. She’s worked with companies across the world to create delicious foods, and recently spent time developing natural bread with a longer shelf life at Ozery Bakery.

Meet Alma

Alma Mikulinsky (Video Art Curator) is a curator, art consultant and writer whose work has been commissioned by prestigious venues and institutions across the globe, including Hong Kong, France, Chile, Israel, Canada, and the UK. With a passion for exposing audiences to art in non-traditional spaces, she joined Parallel since its inception to curate its video-art program.

Meet the brothers

Parallel’s unique taste and space comes together thanks to the experience and background of the three Ozery brothers. Alon and Guy founded and built Ozery Bakery in 1996, and Aharon is an accomplished artist, specializing in large-scale installations. Sesame butter and Mediterranean food were regular staples in their home, and it’s a part of their culture they love to share. That, along with their devotion to art, community, and good coffee, is what defines the Parallel experience.