Parallel Basta

Parallel Basta sits right in the heart of the historic Kensington Market, one of Toronto’s most vibrant and distinctive neighbourhoods that is always changing and revealing new hidden gems. And like Kensington Market itself, Parallel Basta is a vibrant location full of activity.

This location hosts: a counter service restaurant that offers all of our beloved staple dishes, plus our legendary sandwiches; our tahini and halva manufactury, where we mill sesame seeds into tahini right before your eyes; a store where you can pick up our house-made tahini and fresh halva, fresh challahs and babkas, and other delicious baked goods; our central kitchen, which covers our unique catering service and events; and our bakery, where we freshly bake all our goodies and treats for each Parallel location.

Parallel Basta also serves as a unique event space, capable of holding up to 50 people.

152 Augusta Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5T 2L5

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Opening hours


7 days a week 11am-9pm


7 days a week 11am-9pm


12pm-5pm: Over the counter service
5pm-close: Dinner (open for reservations)


11am-4pm: Over the counter service