Event Date: July and August 2019

Courtesy of Casilda Sánchez and Aspect/Ratio Chicago

List of works, in order of appearance:

1. Casilda Sánchez,

Temptation of Falling, 2016, 19:36 min.

2. Nick Albertson,

Fire, 2011, 2:38 min.

3. Deville Cohen,

Zero, 2013-4, 22:25 min.

4. Iris Bernblum

Nightwalk, 2018, 3:35 min.

5. Iris Bernblum

I’ll Be Here, 2016, 3:00 min.

6. Deville Cohen

McGuffin, 2019, 8:31 min.

The summer program at parallel provides a platform for the artists of Aspect/Ratio, a Chicago-based Gallery with a strong focus on video art. The artists on display arrive from different backgrounds and countries of origin and the work testify to this diversity. The six videos use written words and texts, refer to ancient myth and contemporary affairs, participate in DIY and punk culture, and address built- and natural- environment. The result is the most diverse video program at parallel to date, whose stylistic and thematic variety speaks to the wide range of issues with which video artists engage today.

Casilda Sánchez’s video Temptation of Falling takes as its starting point the myth of Icarus, who fell from the sky while flying too close to the sun. This contemplative work depicts rainfall on a constructed landscape, into which the artist integrated cut-outs of Icarus’ figure from Old Masters paintings.

Nick Albertson’s Fire begins as an abstract piece whose meaning unravels through time. What at first appears as a composition of static white lines is revealed as tightly positioned matches. As the matches burn the clean forms are replaced with convoluted and meandering black lines.

The two videos by Iris Bernblum depict an embodied viewpoint onto a landscape, a viewing experience that is interjected by written texts that seems to be addressing the viewer, as a part of a one-sided dialogue that gives meaning to that which we see.

Zero by Deville Cohen explores the slippage between objects and things and their representation. Conventional narratives break downs from their original contexts only to be transformed into complex and nonsensical systems. The imaginative visual world of the video with its endless connections and substitutions is a form of a semantic riddle, who, as the title Zero suggests, is meaningless at its essence.

The second work by Cohen, entitled McGuffin, is a wild, chaotic piece that records an interdisciplinary performance, where a variety of props, objects and designs are being activated on stage by the three performers through a strict and scripted choreography.