Event Date: Up to December 31st

Courtesy of Mai Omer, Aquarium, 2016

List of works, in order of appearance:

1. Mai Omer

Storm, 6:20 min

2. Leigh Orpaz

Swan, 3:22 min

3. Mai Omer

Aquarium, 6:20 min

4. Ofri Cnaani

Pathos, 15:40 min

5. Leigh Orpaz

The Beach, 12:06 min

6. Mai Omer

Zolotov, 5:09 min

7. Ofri Cnanni

Oasis, 10:37 min

8. Yaron Attar

​No Vacance, 7:02 min

9. Leigh Orpaz

Thames Town, 4:31 min

10. Keren Gueller

I Know what you Threw Last Month​, 1:05 min

11. Yaron Attar

​Road Out, ​5:28 min

PPaRRaLLeLL, the third iteration of video-art screening at Parallel, is comprised of a series of pairs. Each video is coupled with an odd partner, a pairing that exposes hidden motifs and unearths surprising themes. These pairings expose new issues within each piece – be it stylistic, thematic, or conceptual – thus causing our perception of each work to change. At the same time, this coupling also reveals how our mind operates with its desire to make sense and meaning of what first may appear random or erratic.

For example, when Storm and Aquarium, both created by Mai Omer, are no longer paired together – and instead they are partnered with Leigh Orpaz’ Swan and Ofri Cnaani’s Pathos – their distinctness is revealed so they no longer appear to be filmed in the same site and by the same artist. Suddenly, when Storm and Swan are put together their sense of drama and mystery is enhanced, while when juxtaposing Aquarium with Pathos their latent dread and anxiety comes to light.

Similarly, the original context of Leigh Orpaz’s pieces is avoided – both The Beach and Thames Town were filmed in China. Instead The Beach appears with Zolotov whose nostalgic tone reverberate in the former and explain the fascination the sea holds on the tourist industry, a fascination that is then extended in Cnaani’s Oasis. Also, By putting together Thames Town with Yonatan Attar’s No Vacance the contrast between stasis and movement are heightened. The vertical line that cuts the screen in Gueller’s I Know what you Threw Last Month is replicated in Yaron Attar’s Road Out and make the two an unusual couple.